Our vision is to spread the use of e-learning by students and lecturers in our university and in our country. We perceive the application and use of different teaching technologies in education as a social responsibility project.


Our Center aims to extend the use of particularly e-learning by students and faculty at our university and our country by sensing the implementation and use of different instructional technology as a social responsibility project.

The facilities being held and to be done:

• Making collaborations in the areas like graduate program without thesis, certificate programs, in which there is an essential need to integrate e-learning.

• Involving in many national and international projects and research, coordinating several projects, sharing the experience and knowledge in the seminars and conferences with other universities and research institutes.

• Organizing seminars regularly in which willing academic staff may participate.

• Supporting the facilities of e-learning in the courses of undergraduate and graduate programs

• Providing technical support to academic staff and students of METU for enriching the use of computers and instructional technologies.

Our team occupy with support the academic staff in terms of technology use and show them there are various kinds of instructional methods with integration of technology.